This Saga takes place in an earlier time-frame than you see in the core rulebook.  The year we will be starting the story is 800.  This is roughly 400 years earlier than what the general setting is in the core books.

This is a really interesting time in both Europe and The Order of Hermes.

From a mundane perspective sees the rise of  Charlemagne also known as Charles the Great  He united a large part of Europe during the early Middle Ages  He took the Frankish throne in 768 and became King of Italy in 774. From 800, he became the first Holy Roman Emperor—the first recognized emperor in Western Europe since the fall of the Western Roman Empire three centuries earlier. 

It also is the period of Viking invasions into Briton and Ireland.

From  an Order of Hermes Perspective:  It is early in the Order formation.  The Order formed in 767.  Many of the original members could still be alive.  The order at this point is still expanding and looking to convert either convert or destroy other powerful Magi.  This is a time of great wizard wars and fantastic magical battles.

Here is a timeline for both some of the mundane and Order events of the period.  I have run the timeline a little past where we are just to provide story ideas for future events.

Year Mundane Order of Hermes
711 Muslims invade Spain  
768 Charlemagne takes Frankish Throne Order of Hermes Founded
770   Mercere loses his power and becomes messenger to the Order.  He devoted his house to delivering messages to other Magi.
774 Charlemagne overruns the Lombards in northern Italy. He divides Lombard territory with the Pope, creating the Papal States.  
775 Charlemagne begins his war against the Saxons in Germany, with slaughter and forced conversions to Christianity.  
788 Charlemagne takes control of Bavaria, bringing all the territory of the Germanic tribes into one political unit
788-Death of Founder Flambeau and several of his filii at the Battle of the Tower in Iberia; Magus Delendos is the sole survivor. He reports that Founder Flambeau struck down many spirits fighting for the Moorish sorcerers and finally struck down the whole of the enemy with a final mighty spell powered by a massive amount of vis, 
791 – 796 Charleemagne conducts a series of campaigns against the Avars in present-day Austria and Hungary. The Avars are eventually destroyed as a cultural entity
793 Vikings sack the monastery at Lindisfarne in Northumbria.
793 – 795 Norwegian Vikings attacked the monasteries of Jarrow, Monkwearmouth, Rechru, St. Patrick, and St. Columbia, sacking them with incredible speed and efficiency.   
795 The Vikings sacked the Irish monastic foundation on Iona. They attacked again in 801, and once more in 806. The survivors fled to the Irish mainland. Founder Merinita leaves her House to seek the spirit of the wilderness.  She is said to still appear to magi occasionally. House is in turmoil anf Quendalon becomes Primus

Pope Leo III is attacked in the streets of Rome and flees to Charlemagne for protection. The king has him conducted safely back to Rome

Aquitaine is raided by Vikings.

Quendalon, Primus of Merinita enters faerie woods and disappears                                                                                              
800 Charlemagne is crowned by Pope Leo III, who hails him as "Augustus, crowned of God The first Holy Roman Emperor Covenant Odin's Call Founded in Scandinavia outside of Oslo<
801 Coastal defenses are organized by Charlemagne against the Vikings in France & Germany Someone claiming to be Quendalon comes out of the faerie woods; he takes control of House Merinita in 802                                                                   
804 The Saxon wars finally come to an end Covenant Odin's Call Founded in Scandinavia outside of Oslo
807   Tytalus enters Maddenhofen Woods to confront the Faerie Queen and is never seen again by mortal eyes
810  Frisia is ravaged by the Danish king Godfred.            At the Great Tribunal Certamen is adopted for resoving disputes between the Order of Hermes Magi
814 Charlemagne dies in Aachen.  His empire starts to dissolve Pralix of House Tytalus organizes the non0hermatic Wizards in the British Isle to face the Powerful sorcerror Dav'nalleous
815 Floki of Rogaland set out from the Faergoe Isles and discovered Iceland.  



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