Odin's Call - Ars Magica

Spring 806 - War Tribunal - Political background

Prior, to the 5-year advancement. The covenant was visited by one of the first members of the Order of Hermes, Pralix (see her post for a deeper background).

She offered powerful Necromancy magics and a book on Corpus in exchange for the covenants help. She asked two things that in 5-years time a contingent of Magi come to Cad Gadu in Wales and that the covenant provide the navigation gifts to the local Northmen and get them to stage larger scale raids and more frequent raids than they have in the past.

In the meantime, Tyme and Dornall travelled to England. Tyme met Dornall’s Paren an Old druid Cassak The Unseen. Dornoll was to stay with this druid until they could get Cassandra freed from Davanallus’ mental control.

Victor Thym and a few of the covenant folk made their way to Cad Gadu. There they met Pralix, Pedro Palencia Sanchez Miguel, Iracious as well as another 15 mages.

There they discovered why such a force of Hermetic Wizards were gathering in Britain. There was a rival faction that was challenging the order centered here. Not far from Cad Gadu Iracious had discovered that there was one of Davanallus’ lieutenants holed up in some caves in the Black Mountains.

There was a vote to either conduct a full frontal assault on a series of Caves called Blackthorn which was supported by Iracious or to gain local allies from the mystical population in Britain supported by Pralix. The group sided with Pralix and she sent them on a mission to find a witch.


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