Thick Dome Kegbelly

Powerful Dwarf Faerie


Met him Winter of 800 AD. Warned us of the Dragon awakening and provided a mithril ring and a map that seems to mark potential vis locations in the region surrounding Glittertind, including a mark at the location of Odin’s Call.


Thickdome is about 4 feet tall and just as wide. He wears ornate full plate armor, no helm, and commonly smokes what appears to be a large pipe. His bald head is covered in runic tatoos, as is his armor and the massive tower shield and silver double-bladed axe that are always near him.

Conversation notes:

-What in Odin’s Beard took you middies so long?! I’ve been waiting in this blasted grove fer days!

-My given name is too complicated fer yer simple tongues. You can call me Thickdome.

-The beast is awakening. His agents do his bidding for now, but they’ll soon have him recovered.

-It’s that blasted middie magic he feeds on to gain strength. (Produces a paper thin map made of gold with intricate, tiny hinges that fold into a square box.) here’s the spots we know he’s collecting.

-Restore them to their natural state and you’ll delay the process. But hurry, there’s no telling how quickly he’ll renew.

- Oh, and if things go south ya might have use of this. (Throws Sigurd a mithril band ring circled in runes.) I don’t have time to show ya how it works, but yer a smart lad and I’m sure ya’ll figure it out. Ya got yer daddy’s blood in ya…


Thick Dome Kegbelly

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