Gudrod the Hunter


King of Oppland (Petty kingdom north, northwest and northeast of Odin’s Call)

Ruled by Gudrod the Hunter, House of Yngling (the oldest know Scandinavian dynasty), jarl of the Scyflings. Oppland is one of the largest petty kingdoms, spanning from the western Glittertind and Galdopiggen mountain ranges to the eastern lowlands of south central Norway. Oppland is rich in wildlife and is a primary source for Nordic furs, pelts, freshwater fish, iron from the mountain hillsides and lumber from their dense forests. But being landlocked with the exception of a few river routes to sea, Oppland relies on coastal kingdom relationships for trade and Viking exploits (friendly ports to launch longships). Their strongest ally is the kingdom of Alfheim, as Gudrod is married to King Alfarin’s daughter, Aflhild.

Together, they have a teenage son named Olaf Gudrodsson. Local lore suggests that Olaf is an disciplined warrior and highly skilled marksman, possibly possessing “shamanistic” powers. One story describes a battle in which Olaf’s sword, axe and arrows struck his foes with the force of lightning, burning their bodies instead of slashing and piercing them. Word has spread recently that Olaf has gone missing, and Gudrod blames Eirikslag Sigtrygsson, Jarl of Vestfold for kidnapping him as a hostage, fearing Gudrod has plans to conquer Vestfold. Eirikslag strongly denies the claim.


Gudrod the Hunter

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