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Recap - Eve of the New Year

Sigurd stinks it up, Victor yields to Dornell, Winter Campaign is Approved

The duel commenced with the Bjourn mage, Sigurd facing off against Victor Frankinstein of House Verditius. Onlookers expected to be treated to the Bjourn mage transitioning to his bear form and proceeding to rip apart frail Frankinstein…

But instead, the crafty Verditius mage landed a Grip of the Choking Hand, followed by Invocation of Weariness, effectively rendering the Covenant founder too fatigued to enact a spell strong enough to penetrate Victor's defenses. Much to the dismay of Covenant members in the vicinity, Sigurd did manage to finally cast Stench of a Thousand Corpses, briefly breaking Victor's concentration and revolting the onlookers.


But, after regaining his composure, Victor recast Choking Hand and Sigurd lapsed into unconsciousness. "Welcome back to the living," greeted Victor as Sigurd came to…

Victor then faced off with the overconfident, Dornoll Drywren, current Protector of Odin's Call. The battle was relatively short, with Dornoll taking every advantage available to her from fast casting, to the environment of Odinstaff. She trapped Victor in a Tangle of Wood and Thorns, then repeatedly rapped him with Strike of the Angered Branch until he yielded.

After the duels concluded, the Covenant convened to discuss the Winter campaign. Dornoll outlined three possibilities:

1. Investigate the mysterious cause of the Creo Vis no longer being able to be harvested from the foam of Icefall, the waterfall to the north west of the Covenant

2. Investigate the omnious warning about something in the deeper caverns below the Covenant that Odinstaff revealed to Dornoll

3. Investigate the distress call from Germanic Covenant, the Order of Wuotan. Apparently something is amiss amongst the marshland corpses.

As suggested by Sigurd, the Covenant agreed that the aquam vis issue was most central to the Covenant, and it was agreed that Sigurd would lead the campaign, taking Jotunn the Half-Head as his companion, along with a company of twelve warrior grogs. Scouts were sent out ahead of the party to investigate the surroundings and report back to Sigurd.


walkersettle walkersettle

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