Odin's Call - Ars Magica

Mystery of Pascal - Spring 806

Here is a recap of the session and explanation of the clues you have found and some leads on where to go next.

On you way to find the witch you ran across a giant wolf the size of a horse crazed and angry. Smartly you did not attack them. You noticed that the wolf was carrying a wolf skull in his mouth. You let them pass…

You searched out a clearing in the forest where the wolves had come and found a dirt mound that was disturbed with the dirt being pushed up as if something was opened or dug out . There was not much left except a few small wolf bones and some magical hairs that gave you 2 Animal Vis.

You made your way to the village of Pascal and there you saw a young boy who had been beaten by his father. While it is within the fathers rights to beat his wife and children, Christie the barmaid let you know that this was unusual behavior by the boys father.

That night you were woken and summoned by a fairly powerful mentem spell and then awoke to find the entire village gathered around a giant wolf speaking directly to your minds. The wolf stated that the village broke a pact and that they must provide him a human child as atonement or the pact would be broken and he would destroy the town. The villagers have no idea what Pact he was talking about. The church is probably the only source in town that may have historical records of the town.

You quickly found out the witch you think you were looking for was on the outskirts of town. Thinking she may be of help you discovered her to be a maker of charms. She has all kinds of protection charms agains Terram around her house.

You seemed to startle the old woman visiting at night and maybe scared her a little…she spoke mostly nonsense.

“The Forest has always been a strange and wonderful place, as well you may know.
Much, much more exists within its borders than simple trees and grass. The Forest has a spirit, a soul that reaches out to some, drawing them near and it drives others away with its
frightening strangeness. Sometimes it watches, or even talks to me when I wander its hidden ways; sharing secrets with a feeble old mind. It can be angry or sad, or even playful in its slowly shifting moods.”

If you can win her over you may be able to learn why she has protection charms around her house.

Thinking the Widow is a weak ally you turned your sites on Hrulgar the giant wolf. You convinced him that these villagers couldn’t possibly have killed such a powerful being and agreed to help him find the real culprit.

You went back to the Old Oak Inn. There you discovered that around the village in the past few seasons that these clay men had started turning up and that they helped make the crops grow or give fertility to cows. They were seen as a good luck charm of sorts. You also discovered that people would often fight over them.

You also learned that Robert the Forester had discovered bone mounds. You had Father Alberard take you to see one of the recent bone mounds. It resembled the one you found in the forest just after the first wolf sighting. Here though you saw the full animal bones of a small fox. While the bones were not that old, the entire meat and flesh and fur of the animal had been completely removed, but you saw no knife marks on the bones. So either it was the most skilled skinner you had ever seen or there was some unnatural work at play to remove the flesh.

If you want to see other bone mounds or learn more about the Forest you cold seek out Robert.

The party went to sleep but Karyn stayed up and she kept noticing movement from her peripheral vision but she couldn’t quite place her finger on it. The she saw a man skittering through town..che gave chase and almost lost him. The she noticed what house he went into and we stopped there.

Possible leads:

  • Revisit the Widow to see why she has so many charms about the house
  • Go to the church and look at old records if you want to learn about the Pact
  • Visit the home of the man running through the night
  • Have Robert take you into the forest
  • Investigate the change of behavior of the man who beats his children
Spring 806 - War Tribunal - Political background

Prior, to the 5-year advancement. The covenant was visited by one of the first members of the Order of Hermes, Pralix (see her post for a deeper background).

She offered powerful Necromancy magics and a book on Corpus in exchange for the covenants help. She asked two things that in 5-years time a contingent of Magi come to Cad Gadu in Wales and that the covenant provide the navigation gifts to the local Northmen and get them to stage larger scale raids and more frequent raids than they have in the past.

In the meantime, Tyme and Dornall travelled to England. Tyme met Dornall’s Paren an Old druid Cassak The Unseen. Dornoll was to stay with this druid until they could get Cassandra freed from Davanallus’ mental control.

Victor Thym and a few of the covenant folk made their way to Cad Gadu. There they met Pralix, Pedro Palencia Sanchez Miguel, Iracious as well as another 15 mages.

There they discovered why such a force of Hermetic Wizards were gathering in Britain. There was a rival faction that was challenging the order centered here. Not far from Cad Gadu Iracious had discovered that there was one of Davanallus’ lieutenants holed up in some caves in the Black Mountains.

There was a vote to either conduct a full frontal assault on a series of Caves called Blackthorn which was supported by Iracious or to gain local allies from the mystical population in Britain supported by Pralix. The group sided with Pralix and she sent them on a mission to find a witch.

The rise of Hrimdraki Winter 801

After loosing the heart of the Oin tre, Cassandra Drywren – NPC was able to open the portals so we could chase Severian and Grog-Lyper.

We entered a large Ice Caver that ended up being within the mountain Glitterheim. We were then compelled by Quasitor Damian Stralla – NPC who is clearly working against the Order, to summon Hrimdraki the dragon.

They released us from our compulsion seeking for us to join their cause. Within that time I used the rings to summon the Dwarven spirits to fight by our side. With Thymes blizzard in toe we were able to fight them off but before landing any death blows they all escaped.

The heart of the Oin Tre is within Hrimdraki, and seems to be underQuasitor Damian Stralla – NPC control.

We must slay Hrimdraki to return the heart, or sacrifice another powerfull being to the Gods to restore the trees heart.

Upon our return, the covenant voted clearly in the wrong direction, to let Casandra leave. She is either still under the control of Quasitor Damian Stralla – NPC or is working of her own accord against us. I proposed that we give her back to Olaf Gudrodsson who had originally captured her as is his right and release her from the covenants protection.

Evidence of her betrayal is clear:

1. She went missing for over a month on suspicians that forces were working against us but said nothing. Any one trying to help would have told us of their suspicions so we could move against them.
2. She was able to manipulate the portals under the covenant even though just like us she said she had just encountered them.
3. She attacked us upon our escape. Even though all our enemies had fled the field.

Unfortunately Thym who voted against Victor and myself believing that Cassandra Drywren – NPC was under some type of compulsion. He along with Dornal who had the tie breaking vote allowed her to flee the covenant and seek refuge with Dornoll’s Paren Cassak The Unseen.

Delving the Caverns

The party is exploring the caverns underneath the Oien tree. They encountered a silent stone golem on the left path into the caverns, guarding a runestone held in place by branches, leaching Terram(?) vis out of the area. The runestone resembled stones previously seen.

  • Opened regio with Herbam Vis
  • Spotted Fenmorel speaking with a goblin
  • Fought Severian
  • Heart of the Oin Tree has been stolen
  • Cassandra has returned
  • Party will regroup at the Oin Tree
Wizard's War

Wizard’s War was with Flambeau Qaesitor Damien

  • Dornoll animated the Oien tree
  • Sigurd fought on a waterfall
  • Damien able to flee
  • Led to Damien by two sprites from Thyme’s past
  • Damien lit villages ablaze to bring Wizards to his battleground in the forest
Graveyard of Grimar

Short recap

  • Tasked with recovering Frost Giant Grimar’s bones by Naffi(?), giant princesslike person
  • Went to the grave, stepped into it and opened the map
  • Regio contained bones of a giant dragon as well as bones of Grimar
  • Grimar animated into a skeletal giant
  • Wizard Severian was extracting Vis from bone dragon
  • Runes appearing as he performed the extraction
  • Enjoined us to join forces against the Order, which are currently aiming to seize the Oien tree
  • Aim is to save the world from Bonisagus, seizing control over magic
Deposition with Damian Stralla


Please read the deposition below and post your responses/statements on this thread regarding the alleged events. Interviews are conducted with: Thyme, Victor, Sigurd, Jotun, Konal, Dornoll, and Narryn. Please refer to “The Hermetic Oath” on page 13 for information about The Code of Hermes.


Witness Deposition
Interview with:
Summer, 800 AD
Assigned Quaesitor: Damian Stralla, House Guernicus

Damian Stralla interviews you in a private chamber in Odin’s Call. He tells you this deposition will be treated in the utmost confidence, only read by select Quaesitors and Council members of the Regional Tribunal. If the findings are substantial enough to warrant a Trial, the contents of this deposition along with the other depositions and findings of the assigned Quaesitor will be read by members of the Grand Tribunal.
The Order demands that you make a statement in response to each of the allegations below, both directly and truthfully. If you do not comply, it will be assumed that the allegations are true and that you are protecting the accused, which will make you also guilty by association.

Intent to Slay Another Magi of the Order

Accusations have been made that Sigurd instigated an attack in an attempt to kill Hans over a long-standing dispute over a girl, even though said dispute was previously resolved by the Regional Tribunal.

Describe the incident of the alleged attack:

Interfering with Mundanes

Accusations have been made that Sigurd knowingly and purposefully interferes with the mundanes of the Norse region, as follows:
*He has sworn oath fealty to mundanes (his family to be precise)
*He knowingly advocates, encourages and presides over paganistic sacrificial rituals at the Ooinn Tre, sometimes involving human sacrifice

Make a statement regarding the above allegation:

Molesting Faeries

Through interviews with others, it has come to my attention that Sigurd may be dealing with faeries, potentially disrupting the balance of faeries by accepting faerie gifts in exchange for favors
Make a statement regarding the above allegation:

Endangering the Order

Through his dealings with faeries, interference with mundanes, attack with an attempt to slay a fellow Magi of the Order, combined with his role as covenant founder of Odin’s Call, Sigurd stands accused of endangering the Order.

Make a statement regarding the above allegation:

A Strange Letter
Post Into a Dark Place

At the beginning of the fall season, the covenant receives a letter carried by an unusually large blue raven with green eyes. It’s contents are as follows:

Sigurd Odinsson
c/o Covenant of Odin’s Call, Order of Hermes

Dear Valued Client,

We are pleased to announce that the coming season brings a wealth of opportunities to the valued customers of Mestarine Enterprises!

  • IGNEM VIS BLOWOUT! Due to a surplus of Ignem vis, we are offering an astounding TWO FOR ONE offer on ignem pawns*
    *Orders of 10 pawns or more to qualify for discount, limit 20 pawns per customers. All reasonable forms of barter accepted. While supplies last, see Ghostol for details
  • POTION OF BLACK WHISPER carefully brewed by an anonymous master alchemist, this amazing potion is the perfect gift to blend into the stew of a particularly bothersome Quasitor. Guaranteed to last a full moon or your money back! Order Today! This won’t last!
  • FIREBRAND WEAPONS forged locally in The Terignem Mines of Mestarine by dark gnome artisans, these fine weapons are enchanted with Blade of the Virulent Flame (level 15 creo ignem, page 140) guaranteed to double the damage of the weapon! A limited supply of longswords and spears are in stock NOW! (Custom orders are also accepted)

And finally, but most importantly, I’ve taken the liberty to “survey” IceFall’s production capacity. I’m pleased to report that I believe we can increase vis production by more than 10x from the source, should Mestarine Vis Harvesting (a division of Mestarine Enterprises) be awarded the contact. And, just to sweeten the deal, if I’m also awarded the Oinn Tre management contract as well as IceFall, I will offer you an additional 10% share from my previous offer: 60/40 (Mestarine/Odin’s Call) share for both facilities! This special offer expires at the end of the season.

Fill out the order form on the back of this parchment and give it to the raven to secure your intent to purchase.

Best regards,

Fenmarel Mestarine

The Homoculous
The Origin of Phengle Kai

From the last pages of Pagarius of House Bonisaugus Covenant of Durenmar, Spring 800. Dropped from his hands as the region closed and trapped him for 1-year.

Entry 1: Research Summary

I came a cross a scroll containing the most curious story. It was about an ancient Roman named Furious Kai. A strange name, but as the tale is told he is not human but rather a Homunculus, a creature born of magic as sprouting from a child that never grows old.

The tale is told that the Cult of Mercury chased the Roman creature this Homunculus from Rome. I found more information here in Durenmar, the first covenant and home to the Bonisagus Library, literally the collective knowledge of the order. I found a tale that seems to be related. An ancient people that lived on coastal waters before a great flood. They came across this creature he had changed his name to Fengel Kai Damahen. As the story goes, this child came to rule these people but they rose against him and killed him, but buried his body under a mound of rocks 10 men tall and 10 men long.

I have searched and searched and I believe the burial mound is hidden in a Regio, a dimensional pocket of time and space, The entrance to the Regio is only open for 1 day a year. I’ll need a ship but I believe I can find it. Finding the remains may provide significant knowledge but it is said the day this Regio opens the dead walk.

Entry 2: Letter to Victor

I have sent my letter to Victor after meeting his parens outlining my research and his interest into the matter. I have no time to wait for a reply, I will head to the little island outside the Rhine and see if he heeds my call. He is in the North lands and should be able to provide a ship according to his parens.

Entry 3: Rendezvous

I have met victor. He seems most intriguing as a seeker of knowledge. With both my and Victors blatant gift it was too much for the fishing villagers to handle and a mob started to form. I am thankful for the quick thinking of the ships captain, Karin, for whisking us away so quickly.

Entry 4: Dangerous Seas

The Journey was troubling we ran across another group of Vikings. At the same time a water spout formed. With proper time and without Viking running full speed at us those water spouts could be converted to Vis. With a little research to confirm, I am certain that they are water and air elementals in pitched battle with one another.

Entry 5: The Regio

We reached the region with a little more trouble. Indeed the dead do walk, they seem to be spewing from the regio.

Entry 6: Into a time past

Once in the Regio, Karin noticed that what is usually a large bay was but a river. Fog obscured a fishing village. The people were but spirits of a time passed. We at first had trouble speaking with them. Until we used some of Victors magic to speak through the black gate. Eventually we learned that they were worried of a storm. Another group were building what looked to be a throne room and interacting with someone that was beyond our site that was sitting on a throne. The children seemed to be under this invisible person’s control. At one point during altercation at the throne room, the children killed a man. We were still having trouble locating the mound where the homunculus was supposed to be buried.

The spirits seemed to be replaying past events their spirits eternally trapped in a loop of events. The adults attacked the invisible person on the throne and also turned against their children. They drug all the children from the village and murdered them violently with rocks. All the children were killed and seemingly the invisible person as well. The rocks used in the mass killing fo the children formed the mound of the burial.

Entry 7: The homunculus

We had found our entry into the third regio. I would say just in the nick of time, the waters from the great see pushed the river and it sounded as if the land itself was breaking in the storm.

Pushing through the region we found ourselves back at the village in the throne room. There was the boy, or what was left of his body. We defeated him by using Wizards Communion on a fire spell. We had exhausted most of our time and needed to get out of the Regio before it closed for the year. We collected the hommuculus and made it back to the boat. One curious thing that the hommuculus said before we destroyed it.

“I am just the body of Dahmen my mind and soul are eternal.”

Entry 8: The trip home:

There is no entry for this sections

Winter of 800, Letter from Sigurd regarding Icefall

To my fellow members of Odin's call,

I write this letter to inform you of my week long trek to Ice Fall.  We had many strange encounters and while at a heavy cost to the coven folk we were successful in our quest and brought many wonders back to the covenant along with ill tidings.

We opted for the path through the forest rather than up the river in the longboat due to the thick ice.  Upon the beginning of this journey we met what seemed to be a powerful faerie, a dwarf, who went by the name Thickdome. Thickdome and I got off on the wrong foot.  I can at times, as you all know, be a little stubborn but I soon made amends after some wise words from a fox.  This encounter with the fox only reinforces my perspective that animals have the right of it, but I digress. This Thickdome provided me a message that the Sleeper under Glittertind  stirs. The great Wyrm Hrimdraki IssWing once again seeks to rule Midgard and as he awakens from his hibernation his agents seek to push his interests.  

This strange fellow Thickdome also provided me a ring.  Being wary of Faerie magic, I did not dare investigate the ring's attributes in the field.  I have placed the ring in the library with the covenants other magical artifacts.  It will still need some investigation but within our Aegis of the Hearth should provide ample protection against any faerie suprises.  Upon leaving he provided me a map with a number of markings that could only be dwarven runes, one being Icefall.  I am almost sure these other locations are a rich source of Vis based on what we found at Icefall.

Upon reaching Icefall, Thickdome's warning rang true.  We were met with what only could be agents of Wyrm Hrimdraki in a group of four cliff giants under the control of the missing heir of Gundrod the hunter of house Yngling.  He seemed to be under some kind of mind control from a cloaked woman atop the falls Icefall.

The battle with the giants was fierce and bloody, their very hides seemed near impenetrable.   Under Konal's leadership and Jotun's heavy hammer we ultimately were victorious but at a heavy cost. We lost some good swords in this battle and it may take some toll on the coven folk to see so many fall in such a short time.  I am particularly worried on Narryn who lost his brother Braeble.  I walk among the coven folk more often than the two of you to conduct my sacred duties and Narryn and Braeble had a strong bond.  

Upon defeating the giants, we apprehended Olaf.  Olaf almost certainly has the Gift and has some affinity with lightning.  The strange woman who's name must have been stricken from his memory, promised to teach him in magic.  She instead took control of his mind and had him train the cliff giants.  My plan was to return Olaf to the covenant but upon investigating a rune stone behind the falls.  Gudrod the Hunter arrived with 50 men.  I freed Olafand Gudrod was pleased with the release of his son and offered us a favor in return.  Olaf was also pleased that we bid him no harm and I told him that if he wanted to further his talens to come to Odin's Call.

While we all have only recently received our Sigils as full members of the Order of Hermes we may want to consider Olaf for apprenticeship or at the very least keep him at the covenant so these hedge wizards don't get  hold of him again.  Not only does he have magical talents he is also a figure of great political importance.  He could prove useful if under our protection and influence.

This finally brings me to the original focus of our trek to icefall.  Indeed the vis was being stolen by what I can only suspect is the Wyrm Hrimdraki agents.  Behind the waterfall at Icefall in the dank cavern was a runes stone.  Under the rune stone was a spell of some sort.  It seemed to be gathering the Vis and transporting it somehow.  Once we removed the stones the enchantment seemed to end.  I copied the markings from the spell circle and have returned with the actual runestone itself.  With investigation, we may be able to decipher the spell and use it to our own benefit.  These other vis sources are a much further journey and I am sure their are other mystics who would use these sources.  

I have buried the runestone just outside the covenant at a  location I will reveal to you  upon our spring meeting. I feared bringing such a stone into the covenant without a much stronger Aegis of the Hearth protecting us. The markings themselves I have put in the library.

This brings me to my last point.  Given the dangers we have encountered I think it is critical that we all learn the spells Wizard's Communion. I believe Victor has this spell and could add it to our library.  By doing so, it will allow us to recast the Aegis of the Hearth ritual which I can lead us to provide a much stronger magical protection of the covenant.

I have also returned with a significant amount of Corpus Vis and Terram vis from the bones of the cliff giants.  I have put them in our stores.



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