Vis Resources

Current Stores of Vis starting Fall Year 800 :

Animal: 10 (4 per season)

Corpus:14: (2 per season)-includes cliff giants from winter & summer 800

Creo 5:   (5 in spring and 5 in fall)..This production can be doubled with Wizards giving up seasons.

Aquam: 3 (2 in spring, one all other seasons)

Ignem: 3 (all 8 are collected in Fall) Includes trade with Fenmarel

Rego or Terram: 0 (all 5 in summer)

Terram: 3 (from cliff Giant summer 800)

ViM: 3 (one each season)

Perdo: 2 (from Zombies Spring 800)

Current Resources of Vis Generation

Animal: 4 per season collected from the great number of animal sacrifices that occur under the tree

Corpus 2 per season: On the blood moon the and Ooinn Tre needles bleeding human blood. It is theorized that Ooinn Tre roots soak the blood and the sacrifices are a major source of energy, but the excesses are expulsed during the blood moon.

Creo 10 per year: from green and blue crystals forming within the foam at the base of Icefall, a waterfall from the river Gausa to the Lagen river, just north of Lillehammer in Oppland.  This source was contested but has been reopened as of Winter 800.

Aquam 5 per year: A mystical fog often fills the area around the covenant where the dew from the fog can be collected

Ignem 8 per year The ash from collected from the Fall festival held at the tree where virgins clothes are burned from their bodies as they run down the mountain in the first snow.

Rego or Terram 5 per year loose pebbles collected from a mountain glacier.

ViM 4 per year On each of the solstices small winged fairies dance through the tree leaving a mall powder residue on the covenants platform

Vis Resources

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