Shield Wall

Shield Wall is a new ability that impacts group combat rules and provides additional protection for those that are part of the shield wall and have the shield wall ability.

Shield Wall ability is only available to characters that have a virtue providing martial abilities.

Shield Wall Mechanics:

  • It requires at least 4 people with the shield wall ability to form the wall.
  • One person in the Shield Wall must be the leader
  • The initiative of the Shied Wall Group is based on the Leadership ability score of the declared leader
  • It takes one round to form the wall
  • The Strength total for pushing (see below) is based on  the combined strength of everyone in  the shield wall 
  • Shield Wall bonuses are based on lowest Shield Wall ability of the group forming the wall (you are only as strong as your weakest link).
  • Once formed, you may add the Shied Wall ability to your defense
  • If you do not attack that defense bonus can also be included to the groups soak total
  • The Shield Wall Group can move at 1/4 speed
  • If the Shied Wall drops below 4 people it disbands

Special Maneuvers: 

  • Pushing:  The shield Wall can push against other lines or shields walls.  They must not attack in the round that they push.  It requires an opposed strength roll of the opponent shield wall. If a shield wall pushes they still receive the bonus to their soak total as pushing is not considered an attack.

    • On a successful push they move the opponent line back 2 paces. They receive a bonus to their attack on the immediate round after the successful push equal to the lowest ability score of a character in the shield wall.          
  • Hold the Line: archers, axe throwers, spear thrusts can be made by warriors behind the shield wall during push, as long as the attackers are not part of the wall. These people do not gain the special protection of the shield wall but can only be attacked by ranged weapons/spells (unless attacked form the rear).
  • Shield Wedge:   Special shield wall formation, penetrates an opponents shield wall defense. Shield Wedge takes one round to change formation but still retain full protection bonuses. Upon successful push with the wedge formation, it breaks the opposing shield wall.  The opponent needs to take 1 round to reform shield wall during which they may not attack nor do they receive any bonuses for protection since their shield wall was broken. The Wedged Shield upon success receives the normal bonus to attacking for a successful push. 

    • Requires the leader to make a successful leadership roll (Communication+leadership) of 11+ from the Shield Wall leader to change the formation.  If leadership roll fails then the normal push maneuver is carried out.
    • Requires min of 5 warriors. To execute. Up to 7 warriors may be protected behind a 5 person wedge wall
  • Shield wall "tortoise shell" Upon success, provides double the protection bonus for both defense and soak  vs. missile attacks but wall cannot attack during round. Up to 3 additional warriors can be protected behind the tortoise shell (non shield warriors).  The shied wall in this formation may still move forward at the normal 1/4 speed.

    • Requires the leader to make a successful leadership roll of 11+ from the Shield Wall leader to change the formation.  If leadership roll fails then shield wall remains intact but cannot advance, push or attack.
    • Requires by 7 or more participants in the shield wall (4 bottom row and 3 top)
  • Grab and Stab: If the shield wall is facing an opponent that is not in shield wall formation, such as a normal line of battle or just after an opposing shield wall was wedged, the shield wall may slightly open a portion of its ranks and pull an opponent through the wal where individuals not part of the shield wall formation may attack the individual per normal rules.

    • Requires a11+ on a leadership roll.



Shield Wall

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