Order of Hermes History

The Founding of the Order in the middle of the 8th century the wizard Trianoma first met up with Bonisagus. At the time, Bonisagus lived in seclusion in the Alps, working on his magnum opus, now known as the Hermetic Theory of Magic. He took Trianoma as an apprentice and taught her his theories.

She then traveled far and wide, using the protection afforded by the Parma Magica as persuasive evidence that magi could meet in peace and share this new magic.

Bonisagus, in the meantime, moved to the Black Forest in 754 AD, and started to teach his theories to the wizards that Trianoma sent to him. After years of negotiations, threats, and recriminations, Trianoma managed to get twelve wizards to agree on a set of nine precepts, which she called the Oath of Hermes. At Durenmar in 767, the twelve Founders swore to uphold the oath, and the Order of Hermes was born.

On our timeline the order stands at 220 strong.

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Bjornaer 15
Criamon 18
Merinita 13
Verditius 14
Bonisagus 15
Guernicus 18
Mercere 31
Tremere 17
Flambeau 22
Jerbiton 19
diedeien 15
Tytalus 18

The magi of the nascent Order had scattered outward from the central location of Durenmar, with Tytalus and his followers found mainly in the northwest of Europe, Tremere removing himself to the far eastern reaches of the Frankish Empire, Flambeau to the Pyrenees overlooking his home in Spain, Jerbiton and Criamon into the Alps, and so on. In the beginning, therefore, Tribunals tended to be loose affiliations based mainly on House, with the Rhine dominated by magi of Houses Bonisagus, Bjornaer, and Merinita — the three Founders who stayed here. These were the golden years of the Order in Germania, and the Bonisagus-dominated covenants of the southern Rhine region consistently produced advances in magical theory.

On our current timeline the governance of the Order is centralized as they move to rapidly expand the order and bring peace to Wizards .  Later in the 9th century the Order has grown and faces its first political crisis and proposals to create smaller governing parties of their regions is proposed (13 Tribunals).

With our current timeline, there are only a handful of Covenants and what is now Germany is the heart of the Order:

In Germany:

DURENMAR in the black Forest (767-present)  Domus magna of House Bonisagus, IT is the meeting place of the Grand Tribunal and is home to Bonisagus' tower a magnficent display of his power of a permanet tower summoned from the earth.  It also contains the largest collection of Hermetic Books.  It is the Heart of the order at this time.

FENISTAL (773-802): The temple of Diana that was Merinita’s home, this covenant was abandoned on the death of Myanar.

CRINTERA (773-present) on the Island of Rutgen isolated from mundanes and behind a magical Regio.  There are no mundanes on the island currently but the Danes invade in 1168.

ARAE FLAVIAE (780-885): in Swabia. the magi of this covenant objected to near by Schwarzburg, and their resulting warfare caused the Tribunal to abolish both covenants and rule that any covenant could veto the establishment of a new covenant.

RETHRA (780-1202): in Pomerania, Oracle of the god Radegast. 

IRENCILLIA (792-present)   Covenant founded by  Quendalon 


Val-Negra 777- Founded by Flambeau Domus magna of house Flambeau


Verdi 775: Founded by Verditius in Sardinia Domus Magna of House Verditius

Harco 776 - Founded by Mercere.  Home to many Hermes Portals and the Domus Magna of House Mercere and the messengers of the Order

Auctus 793 covenant founded in Sardinia. 


Order of Hermes History

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