Magic Items

Odin's call has many magic items that have been left over from the Norse priests over the years. Over the years the Magi may add to the list of covenant Magic Items

Items that need investigation:

Mithril Ring- received from Thickdome the Dwarf winter of 800

(Currently in Sigurds possession)

Dwarven Map-has two locations, but if researched could reveal more or possibly teach you Dwarven

The Map grants Dwarven Language, Quality 10 at level 10, and regio gate opening (requires sacrificing 1 pawn of regio-related vis) at level 20.

Upon one season iof investigation:

The golden hinged map opened even further as more and more delicate sheets of gold and tiny hinges revealed that the map not only plots potential vis sources (4 total) in the region surrounding the mountain Glittertind, but also appears to operate as a “gate” to enter a regio that may be a waystation of sorts between Midguard (your realm) and Svartalfheim (the realm of dwarves, dark elves, etc.). You believe that a gate to enter the regios at the vis sources will be activated when the map is opened at the entrance to the regio when the regio plot point on the map is centered.

You and Mr. Sanchez tested the theory at IceFall, centering the map’s plot point upon the runic inscriptions on the floor of the cave (underneath the area where the Rune Stone stood) behind the waterfall, and unhinging it until it spread out across the rune circle. Activating the map gate required a sacrifice of (1) pawn of Creo vis. Upon activation, the map turned into an entrance to a green and blue crystal ice cavern plentiful with the unmelting Creo crystals that you had been gathering from the waterfall foam in the Midguard regio. You gather (5) pawns of Creo during your visit. You believe that if the regio was opened to constant vis gathering, you’d be able to double the production of Creo from this source (i.e. 20 pawns per year). However to do so, logistics would require a magus to remain at the location for a significant portion of the year in order to maintain the map gate.

The (4) vis source locations on the map are as follows:
• Icefall – discovered. The map refers to this point as The Creovis Cavern of Svartmidheim
• A point near the village of Glitterheim, a known iron mining town on the eastern base of Glittertind, northwest of Icefall. The maps refers to this point as the Ignus Mines of Mestarine (possibly an Ignem source?)
• A point near where you gather Terram vis from the pebbles of a mountain glacier, located northwest of IceFall, almost directly south of Glitterheim, within the territory of Jotenheim, the Midgard land of giants. The map refers to this point as the Graveyard of Grimar.
• The Oinn Tre.

Odin Call’s Magic Items

Map Room:  In a cavern just below the Ooin Tre is a large room.  The walls are lined with washed human bones that fit perfectly to form a smooth writing surface.  On the surface of the bone walls is a detailed map of Norway, Sweden, and Germany.  The map wall can locate anyone/thing within a few miles when a Magi has a physical arcane connection to the individual or thing.  To activate the magic, the magi must sacrifice a small animal smear the blood on the map wall and repeat the following phrase in Norse (requires at least a 2 in Norse language).."With this offering to the All-Father let the Eye-of-Odin gaze upon thee and show me the path."  The blood will start to collect in a straight line, regardless of terrain, from the Ooin Tre directly to the individual's location on the map (accurate to a few miles).

The map can be expanded to any lands that have been traveled by an individual.  It takes one season of work to expand the map.

Chandelier of Midgard's words: A large chandelier made of Elk skulls It has space for 30 candles on the device. The magic in the item item allows for people of different languages to speak and understand one another. To activate the magic, the individual that wishes to be understood must light a candle and stick it in the skull of an elk and state the following words: " All Father hear my call and say my words so that all of Midgard hears me." Anyone within the light of the chandelier that have activated the magic and within the light of the chandelier can understand one another.

Breath of the All Father

A sail meant for a Longship. Once unfurled it has a constant steady breeze billowing through the sail.


Staff of two Ravens

Staff that has two eternal ravens on their posts. The wielder may summon the ravens to his bidding. They are not effective in combat, but could be ample scouts, deliver messages and pick up items. The wielder can see through the ravens eyes and speak through the raven itself. The ravens are noisy and make it impossible to use stealth or for them to move undetected.


One long sword and one great spear: Does double damage – blade of virulent flame.

2 additional items of level 15 TBD.

  • Door of Welcoming *
    Created by Thyme

The oak door to the covenant dries all travelers as they pass through and touch it and guards them from weather effects for the remainder of the day.

Magic Items

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