Spell Investigations:

  • Drawing of Vis transfer spell using a rune stone. Rune stone is currently buried outside the covenant. discovered Winter 800
  • Homunculus creation using Homunculus body discovered Spring 800

Magical Texts:

  • The theory of accelerated Explosions, Author Iracious Torrisano of House Flambeau Level 10 Quality 5 on Ignem
  • Bring your dreams to life!, Author Thyme of House Bonisagus* Quality 8 Creo Tractatus
  • The Anatomy of Anatomy level 10, quality 14 Corpus book, gift from Pralix Winter 800

Copied by Time while visiting Bonisagus

  • Before you can bend the world, you must bend yourself, Author Dharma Bhumdatta of House Bonisagus * Level 10 Quality 8 on Mentem
  • Hope and Change, Author Bama Oracka of House Bonisagus* Level 10 Quality 8 on Muto
  • The Colour of Magic, Author Rhincewind * Level 10 Quality 8 on Vim
  • Taste of my Scythe, Author Laixi Aleho * Level 10 Quality 8 on Perdo

Mundane Texts

  • Rivers of the Rhine, Author Hanz of house Bjourner- level 7 Quality 10 local Lore of the Rhine area in Germany.
  • Golden Hinged Map, Dwarf Language Level 10, Quality 10

Spell Texts

  • Level 25 – Aegis of the Hearth – Scribed in Latin -Sigurd Winter 800 (page 161 core rulebook)
  • Level 15 – Gather the Essence of the Beast Scribed in Latin -Sigurd Winter 800 (page 162 core rulebook)
  • Level 45 – Creo Corpus Dead Hard Bodies Duration Sun, Range Touch, requisite: only works on dead bodies. Increases the strength by +1 for the day no more than +2. (Pralix winter 801)
  • Level 35 – Creo Corpus Quick and the Dead Duration: concentration, range Voice, requisite only works on dead bodies. Increase quickness by up to +1
  • Level 35 – Creo Corpus Corpse Creeper Duration Concentration, range Voice Requisite only works on dead bodies. Increase dex by up to +1. (Pralix Winter 801)
  • level 50 The Bountiful Beyond Intelligo Corpus/mentem requisite and must know the last words spoken by the corpse (only works on dead bodies). Duration sun, range touch. Can provide a zombie corpse a skill they had in life at the same level. (Pralix winter 801)

Time’s Spell contributions
Flame Slap CrIg5 Deal 5 fire damage to a target with a small lick of flame
Grasping the Veil InVi10 Touch/Concentration The caster can detect regio boundaries by touch, but cannot navigate through them or discern the means of opening them
Inscription of Magic CrVi15 Touch/Moon, allows the caster to write magical messages only discernible by InVi spells, writing lasts a month
Dry the Weary Travleer PeAq5 Touch, dries the clothes of person touched
The Billowing Mists CrAu15 Voice, Sun: Creates impenetrable fog as far as the caster can see, lasts for remainder of day
True Sight of the Air InAu10 Conc/Voice: Allows caster to see through weather phenomenon
Lamp Without Flame CrIg10: See book, creates lamp light from an object in room-size area
Script of the Prism MuAu10 (Ignem requisite) Conc/Touch: The caster can skywrite and it leaves flame in the wake for concentration. Does not create heat or burn

Book of spells stolen by Sanchez from Iracious Torriseum titled – Better to Burn out Than to Fade Away
Moonbeam (CI 3 p.139) Palm of Fire (CI 20 p. 140) Coat of Flame (CI 25 p 140), Shadows of Fires Past (II 15 p 141), Eyes of the flame (II 35 p 141), Show of the flame and smoke (mI 10 p141) Trapping the Fire (Mi 25 p 142) Ward Against heat and flame (RI 25 p 143)


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