Covenant Oath of Odins Call

Covenant Oath of Odin’s Call

A Covenant Oath is a standard oath of loyalty to both the covenant and a reaffirmation to the Hermetic Oath. Odin’s call’s is no different but in addition to pledging loyalty to the Order as well as to the covenant; there is a third aspect that protects the Norse religion as long as it is viable.  The Oath taker and all the Magi of the covenant take part in a ritual described below.  All Magi of the covenant must be present to show their approval of the inductee unless they have not been seen for three years or are proven to be deceased.

The Oath Ritual:

The Oath Taker to Odin’ Call is laid on the ground naked at the base of the Ooinn  Tre.  They hold their wrists outward and long scratches are etched deep into the skin of the underarm with a freshly cut branch from the Ooinn  tre. The scratch is approximately six inches long with a straight line starting at the base of the hand and ending at the top of the elbow. Then there are several chevrons near the top and an inverted smaller chevron at the bottom. This is the Nordic rune for Tree.


While the scratch does not hurt, it draws an inordinate amount of blood.  The arms are then crossed over the Oath Taker’s body and their blood spills out over their chest. The branch is then snapped and again an inordinate amount of sap that couldn’t possibly come from the small branch is drizzled over the Oath Taker’s body.  They are now buried up to their neck in thin layer of dirt from beneath the Ooinn  Tre, just enough to cover their body.  The following is recited as blood from a sacrificial animal of the inductees choosing and which they acquired themselves is slowly poured.  All the Magi of Odin’s Call in unison pose the questions and the Oath Taker responds with the answers.

Will you protect Odin’s Call?

I will until I fall.

Will you protect the ancient rites?

I will as long as Odin  has might.

This covenant must grow how will you serve?

4 of 20 seasons will I reserve.

What of treasures that you find?

To the Covenant shall I bind.

Of the Hermetic Order that you are bound?

I pledge to uphold or meet my burial mound.

Then rise ­(Full name & House) and  stand in the firelight for Odin to see your story.

Your blood combined with the Oin Tre now binds you to this covenant and to all its glory.

The scratch on either wrist is permanent and immediately forms a faint scar.  It can be concealed with magic or magical items. The Magi of the covenant receive two arcane connections of the inductee, their full name and their blood from the ritual that is mixed with the sap and earth from the tree.

The Oath Taker receives personal Vis from the ritual to use as their choosing:  Terram, Herbam, Animal, Corpus, Vis and Creo.

It is also customary that the other Magi provide some kind of gift which could be a  few of pawns of Vis, a minor magical item such as a potion or some other gift (generally one seasons worth of work).  This is in no way required.



Covenant Oath of Odins Call

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