Mage - Thyme

Bonisagus - Elemental mage


Char sheet:

Thyme hails from the Kingdom of Wessex, an island kingdom to the west that is constantly raided by Danes and is in the midst of great turmoil. His Gift led to being left as a gift to the Fey folk, who he spent his childhood with until eventually his talent for air magic led to being brought into the Order of Hermes under the tutelage of the esteemed mage Marcus Grunwald.

Thyme’s greatest ambition is to master the elements, most of all the power of flight and to create majestic displays of weather. And what better place to do so than Odin’s Call? The plan is to set up a laboratory and take advantage of the strong auras and other magical creatures in the area to advance his knowledge of magic and create ever more beautiful spells, to share with the other magi as his House expects, of course.

His master has advised him to create works of magic and research that will ensure their legacy and establish the Order of Hermes as a positive force in the eyes of the populace. Given the rocky nature of the lands to the north, spells that will bring them more inclement weather and bend the elements to the will of the magi should prove useful.


Mage - Thyme

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