Bjornaer Magus



Character Sheet

Sigurd is a is rumored to be a descendent of the All Father himself (Mythic Blood 3 virtue). As a young boy he was taken in by Yngvild an ancient shaman serving the All Father and steward of Odin’s Call a holy site for the local residents. Bjornaer the famed Hermetic magi from Germany came to Odin’s Call and demanded that Yngvild join the mystical Order of Hermes. After many moons of negotiating Bjornaer finally lost his patience with Yngvild and slayed the ancient Shaman. Sigurd was only half way through his apprenticeship. Bjornaer noticed Sigurd’s strong heart and his animal kinship (1 virtue) and took him back to Germany to be apprenticed by another Hanz in the Bjornaer ways.

Sigrud had a strong Heartbeast of the Bear and was one with the bear. His magic was stronger in the Spring and Summer and weaker in the Fall and Winter (Cyclic magic +1/-1 virtue & flaw).

Spending only half his time within the Order for his apprenticeship, Sigrud struggled some in his learning. He could never pick up the destruction Form Perdo (Deficient Technique -3 Flaw). But it also opened his eyes to new magic that he never knew existed, in particular he discovered Arum the magic of wind (Affinity with Art +1 virtue).

Sigrud spent most of his time in his animal skin and learned to cast his spells without speaking (Quiet Magic +1 Virtue) and without gestures (Subtle Magic +1 virtue). He also picked up a strange characteristic that the stinky musty smell of a bear always appeared, even when in his human skin, when casting spells (Warped magic -1 flaw). Since he spent so much time with animals his magical aura no longer disturbed them (Inoffensive to animals +1 virtue). Sigrud felt more at home with animals than in dealing with humans. He found himself quick to anger in dealing with them (-1 flaw Wrathful minor).

Near the end of his apprenticeship Hanz took him on an expedition into the far North of Norvgood to give the proposition of join or die to a young woman living deep in the woods with an affinity for manipulating blood. Hanz was quick judgment of the woman and even without giving her a choice, transformed into a Siberian Tiger and pounced. Sigrud in his bear form intercepted Hanz, but then was severely beaten. Hanz gouged out his eye (-1 flaw missing eye) and gave him severe scar across his face (-1 flaw disfigured).

Shortly after the incident with Hanz, Sigrud finished his apprenticeship and decided to move back to Odin’s Call. He found it deserted. With the help of his dedicated clan in the local village (-1 flaw Close Family Ties) he rebuilt Odin’s Call making it a place for the locals to worship the All Father again but also creating a Covenant for other Order of Hermes Magi as he works to develop the Scandinavian Tribunal.



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