Quasitor Damian Stralla - NPC


Damian Stralla is the Quasitor who came to Odin’s Call in the Summer of 800 AD. The Covenant magi agreed to house him in a furnished “room” within the caverns under the Ooinn Tre.

“Under orders from the Council of Magi, I, Damian Stralla, first apprentice to the fourth apprentice of Guernicus of House Guernicus, am here to investigate Sigurd of House Bjorner given the accusations made by Hans of House Bjorner, third apprentice to the second apprentice of Bjorner.

I am to be granted the hospitality of a guest as long as I need to conduct my invesigation. Furthermore, all members of the Covenant of Odin’s Call, and any witnesses to the recent alleged attack, shall fully cooperate or be considered an obstruction.

Based on my findings, the Council will determine whether Sigurd should be tried for violation of the Code of Hermes. If found guilty, Sigurd could be subject to an Order of Terminus, in which case, as founder of Odin’s Call, the Covenant would cease to be recognized by the Order and all Covenant Magi must immediately pledge themselves anew to the Order or be destroyed. Any questions?"

Quasitor Damian Stralla - NPC

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