In her search for wizards to form an Order united by Hermetic magic and the Parma Magica, Trianoma visited thecatacombs of Naples. There she found Guoma the Fetid, perhaps the greatest necromancer who ever lived, and heir to the secrets of death and the dead.

Trianoma, with great trepidation, invited the hideous necromancer to Durenmar to study under Bonisagus, in order that her powerful magic could be integrated into Hermetic Theory. Unknown to Trianoma, Guorna’s three pupils – Tytalus, Tremere, and an as yet untrained girl called Pralix – had recently fled across the Adriatic Sea to Dacia after discovering her horrific plot to transfer her soul from her pus-filled, leprosy-riddled body into one of theirs.

The three apprentices marshaled forces to kill their former teacher and tormentor. Tytalus took charge; he was the eldest of the three, and had studied under the witch for nearly three decades. He ordered Tremere to find wizards to aid them, while he himself sought out magical assistance to oppose Guoma’s own magic. Her power derived from the gods of the dead.

Tytalus sought out those spirits imprisoned in the Underworld by those gods, spirits filled with resentment, rebellion, hatred, and vast power – the titans. He forged numerous pacts with these fearful spirits, and, bolstered by the necromantic wizards recruited by Tremere, the two destroyed the remnants of Guoma’s tradition in Naples, and then waited for the witch herself to return from the Black Forest.

The trap set and too well-planned for Guoma to survive, despite even her new Hermetic teaching. Tytalus claimed to have inflicting the killing blow against his mater, ripping her heart from her pus-filled chest. Guorna, however, had her revenge: with her dying breath she cursed her matricidal pupil with her own affliction of leprosy.

After the defeat of Guoma, Tytalus and Tremere (and Pralix) marched on Durenmar, intent on eliminating the wizards they considered her allies and co-conspirators. However, the diplomacy of Trianoma forestalled their wrath, and the brothers were convinced of their innocence; indeed, they were persuaded to accept tutelage under Bonisagus instead. Tytalus foundthe adoption of Herm etic magic very difficult because of his extensive training and
substantial power in his native tradition, although he was able to learn the Parma

Pralix became the joint apprentice of Tytalus and Bonisagus, and she received,
a full understanding of both sorcery and Hermetic magic from her two masters.
When the wizards whom Trianoma had gathered at Durenmar started to formulate
the structure of the Order, Tytalus assumed that Tremere would become a member
of his House, for his magical training was inferior to all of the other prospective founders

However, Tremere had long chafed under the dominating yoke of his brother, and, with the support of several other Founders and his cadre of Dacian necromancers, found sufficient political force to form his own House. This was the beginning of the rift between Tytalus
and Tremere, which grew wider as time went on.




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