Olaf Gudrodsson


Olaf Gudrodsson
Character Sheet
Size: 0
ATK 14
DEF 11**
DMG 10*
(Leadership 5)
*if activated (takes one round), +2 lightning damage on hit – Faerie Blood)

  • includes +2 magic defense from his runic ancestral longsword, Besign.


*Summer 800 AD – Olaf and his men captured Cassandra Drywren, “The Scarlet Witch” within the abandoned mines outside of Glitterheim. Full of pride and in the most sincere gesture to pay homage to Sigurd and the warriors of Odin’s Call for freeing him from the witch, Olaf, along with his father, brought Cassandra to Odin’s Call to ask that Sigurd preside over her sacrifice to the Ooinn Tre. After Sigurd refused, Olaf was shocked and appalled, being both denied the right to kill the witch and the offering to the Ooinn Tre. He grudgingly returned to Oppland with his father, but his present state and thoughts toward Sigurd and Odin’s Call remain unknown.

You are Olaf, son of Gudrod the Hunter of House Yngling, Jarl of Oppland. Your lineage traces back through some of the greatest Nordic champions. You are proud and although just recently turned a man, you believe your lineage and martial prowess is on par or better than any Norseman.

You idolize your father, Gudrod and believe he was born to be king of Norway. His conquests have been both shrewd and brutal, and in your mind he has never lost a battle (although he has lost a few). At a very early age, you began training as a fighter and a leader, under the tutelage of your father’s most trusted warrior and advisor, Botulf Bjalkisson.

Around your early teen years, you uncovered a gift for harnessing the power of lightning and can surround your body with electricity that burns opponents when you strike them. You revealed it to your father early on rather than keeping it a secret, although you feared the people of Oppland would mark you as some sort of infernal or faerie creature. Gudrod took you to his shaman advisor, Saxi, who divined that your power was a gift from Thor and likely proof that the Yngling lineage extends back to the gods themselves. When your mother first heard of the power, she seemed distraught and withdrew from you for some time, but after Saxi delivered his divination she seemed to come around and recently has taken a greater interest in you, more prideful than motherly.

A little less than a year ago, you remember receiving a scarlet haired witch at the longhouse. She came to your father asking permission to spend some time with you to help you learn the extent of your power. He agreed and you spent a season training with her. She taught you the basics of Parma Magic and helped you control your lightning power, although she said it was a different form of magic than she was taught. Then, she asked you to help her with a errand for her master, which you agreed to. After that, your memory is somewhat foggy. You recall being taken to the Icefall region and training cliff giants, although you would never have agreed to this under normal circumstances. She somehow controlled your thoughts, making things that you’d normally disagree with seem agreeable. And, you remember feeling an unnatural love for her and would have defended her with your very life.

All that is gone now. You have only hate in your heart for her and her manipulative ways. If you ever come across her, you wish only to kill her.

You are plagued by nightmares in which you learn you are not your father’s son, and that

Olaf Gudrodsson

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