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Prior to being a covenant of the Order Of Hemres, Odin’s call was an area of worship and sacrifice called a Moot for the people and Jarl’s of Oslo. Prior to any great excursion the Jarl would make great sacrifices under the branches of the Ooinn Tre. Ooinn Tre is said to be linked to Yggdrasil the world tree connecting all the nine realms.

A great shaman who was said to live eternal, the Yngvild, always oversaw the Moot. The local peoples heard that some great beast had slain Yngvild and stolen his apprentice. The Moot fell into ruin over the next two decades until the apprentice returned not a boy but a man.

Although Sigurd returned and reopened the Moot he refused to take the name of Yngvild but does preside over the important rituals and sacrifices required. These rituals are very much in need as the Viking people started their raids on greater Europe and Briton.

Strangers have been attracted to Odins call some visiting from far off lands and some from the far reaches of the Norselands. Some of these visitors have come to serve and some to learn. A longhouse was built down the small hill to receive pilgrims and house the small retinue who are full time residents.

Magi of the Order of Hermes after conducting the Covenant Oath of Odins Call live in the Ooin Tree, either in the tree itself or in the caverns below.


While Odin’s call was a place of worship for the Norse people it was also a place of great mystery. While Sigurd spent his youth there he never finished his apprenticeship to discover all its secrets.

The tree itself seems to be the ultimate source creating a strong magical Aura. Vast tunnels span underneath the tree with a single opening hidden in the forest some distance away from the Ooinn Tre. Only Magi that have accepted Covenant Oath of Odins Call know the way to enter the tunnels.


There are many rooms outlined below in both the upper reaches of the tree and twisting caverns below. The tree itself seems to anticipate the needs of the Magi conforming its branches and roots to the needs of the Magi.

While Odin’s call is obviously an ancient magical site with many mysteries, it lacks some of the basic trappings of other covenants in the heart of Europe. Most noticeably there are few books in the library. What it lacks in traditional trappings it makes up for with a strong magic aura and the amount of raw Vis that the tree, sacrifices and the surrounding mystical areas offer. Also through centuries the Yngvilds have created a number of magic items that Sigurd has offered freely to those that have sworn fealty to the Covenant.

Magical Aura: 5


Dornoll Drywren’s laboratory: Perched in the highest reaches of the tree there is no known physical entrance or stairway to her laboratory.

Viewing Platform: in the upper reaches roughly 3/4 or 300 feet up the tree is a viewing platform that circles the tree. Only Dornoll Drywren’s laboratory is higher in the upper reaches of the tree. The viewing platform has tremendous views of the both the mountains and the fjord.


Council Room: moving down a staircase that spirals around the tree from the platform is a large circular meeting room nested among the thick branches on the backside of the Ooin Tree facing the mountains. The interior of the room has three large rows of benches built into the structure that could easily fit 50 people. The room itself is plain with no windows. What distinguishes the room is the large chandelier made of Elk skulls that illuminates the room. This chandelier is actually a magic item that allows people of different languages to speak and understand one another.


A passage way opens opposite the door to the staircase to the interior of the tree that leads to the library.

Library: The room for the library is three stories tall with shelves upon shelves for books. It would be an impressive room if the library had any books but there are just empty shelves. At the bottom library is a door leading to an long immense staircase to the caverns below. The only thing in the room are the few magic items in the covenants possession.

The Caverns: are a twisting maze that could easily accommodate a number of rooms. Many of the caverns move deeper into the earth but have been unexplored and sealed. There is no telling what dwells below.

Map Room: at the upper reaches of the caverns not far from the entrance to the Ooin Tre is a room lined with bones. In this room are large maps of the Norse lands and a new and of Germany. This room is a magic item which is detailed in the magic items section of the Wiki. l Magic Items

Sigurd’s Laboratory:Through the twisting cavern’s a passageway ends at double solid wooden doors with iron hinges. The mark of a giant bear’s paw burned into the wood. Even with the heavy door, the air is musty with the strong scent of bears den beyond.

Victor’s Laboratory

Hooks & Boons:

• Monster (1 boon): A dragon of long past lives near the covenant
• Beholden (
1 boon): The covenant is required to maintain Odin’s Call as a religious site. While the Jarl of Oslo cannon give the covenant orders, the covenant does feel obliged to help
• Contested resource (1 boon): The mountain spring near the mysterious dragon cult is under contestation. It won’t be available until the covenant determines who and why it is not free and resolves the situation (once resolved it is available for five years)
• Protector (
1 Boon): The covenant is responsible for protecting pagan norse religion and keeping the religious site operating for the locals.
• Road: (+3 Boon) The covenant is a popular mystical site so that mystical creature often show up at this site.


• Aura +2 for a total of 5
• Secret entrance where you need magical item to enter
• Teacher (once every 5 years a moderately powerful Magus comes to teach at the covenant)
• Large Building (longhouse)



Odins Call Order of Hermes Covenant

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