Leif Alfgeirsson-Companion




Character Sheet


Leif Alfgeirsson is the younger brother to the Jarl Gandalf Alfgeirsson. He is jovial lighthearted and silver tongued and loved by the people of Vingulmark. This is precisely why Alva, Gandalf’s closet advisor is suspicious of Leif. Gandalf himself laughs off Alva’s concerns comforted in the fact that his bloodline is secured with his three sons.

Leif is comforted by that fact as well. He has no desire to rule, only looking for battle, beer and boobs. That is why on a night of great drinking when a mystic read his destiny was to be King and to conquer in bones of his meal he just laughed it off and called for another round, although he kept this dark secret to himself.

Because of his good nature and his knack for getting along with others, Gandlaf made Leif his ambassador to the Mystics in the Mountain. While few in number, an armed force not under his control and so close to his Kingdom can not go unchecked particularly when it is rumored the mystics can bend the very will of nature itself. Thus far the mystics have been useful bring back sacrifice and ancient rites.

Leif loathes spending time on the mountain. There are rarely women and the mystics are unsettling and only remind him of that dark prophecy.


Leif Alfgeirsson-Companion

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