Karin - Companion




Karin has spent her days traveling the seas, ordering around what amount to little more than pirates and scourging the coast of foreign lands. After receiving grievious injuries and losing a hefty amount of crew during her last voyage, she decided she had witnessed more than enough plundering and reaping and decided to find more stable employment, though working for the magi seemed exciting.

She was hired/brought along as to what amounted to a boat captain on a journey to what some might call “Island of a Thousand Corpses” and fought in a battle with the devil.

This exciting experience was sufficient to encourage signing on with the magi. She thinks Victor is rather useless as mages go but puts her trust in Konal’s leadership based on that first foray into the realms of magic.

Karin’s ultimate goal is to gain a reputation as one of the fiercest fighters and greatest sailors of the Nordic coast. The Covenant should further this dream, as they provide opportunities for renown inland and opportunity to explore the mysteries of the coast, where magic runs strong in places, and untold treasures await.


Karin - Companion

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