Jotunn The Half Head-Companion



Character Sheet


Jotunn is eight feet tall and 500 pounds. He emerged from somewhere in the mountains from the deep North. When anyone asks he he plainly states “I come from the deep North. I am here because I heard the growling of the great spirit bear.” Most of the year Jotunn lives in the wilds in the forest and mountains around the covenant. In the winter he moves into the Grog quarters of the long house. He snores like a bear but no one says anything.

As encouragement to fit in a little bit better Sigurd encouraged Jotunn to take a job in the winter to be around the other few coven folk. Jotunn took that to mean he should become the cook. He is not a good cook. He is not a bad cook. He is a terrible cook, but no one says anything.

Jotunn has one sure friend in the world his small Ferret he calls Felix but it comes out “Veloox” Jotunn has a thousand friends when it comes to a fight and he has had many.

Aside from his size his most distinguishing feature is his horrible disfigurement where half his skull is caved in from an old wound. Many often wonder who or what created such a terrible wound but no says anything.


Jotunn The Half Head-Companion

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