Konal the Grey - Companion




Longsword -2 INIT, 13 ATK, 8 DFN, 7 DAM
Round Shield -4 INIT, 8 ATK, 8 DFN, 1 DAM

Leadership: 8

Mail Hauberk: Soak Total: 11
stamina 3, toughness 3 and armor 5


You are Konal Throstsson, also known as Konal the Grey. When you were a small child your father, Throst, placed his longsword Icebiter in your little hands and told you this, “Your life will be measured by three things: the strength of your body, your ability to lead men into battle, and your mastery of the sword. Understand this as the single truth, young Konal, for it is the only lesson you need to learn in this life, and it will be your final test when it’s your time to stand at the Gates of Valhalla.”

From that point forward, you did nothing but train for your final test. While the other boys in Vestfold swam, chased girls, farmed and played childish games, you trained under your father. By eight, you could wield Icebiter in two hands, knew all the shield wall formations and could outrun much older boys. At ten, a group of older bullies almost beat your little brother to death over a squabble. You rallied your sisters and cousins (all much younger than you) and instructed them to form a shield wall to protect your brother, using only fence boards, benches and chairs. Wielding rocks and a club from behind the wall, you personally killed two boys and drove off the remaining six. From that day forth, you were known among Vestfold as “Warrior Boy.” That gained the attention of Sigtryg, the Jarl of Vestfold. He sent his son, Eirikslag, also ten, to train with you and your father. You were well-aware of the fact that Eirkslag was to be jarl one day, but at the time he was nothing more than a large boy who didn’t know how to properly swing a sword or hold a shield. You were relentless when training against him, but in time, he outgrew you and his combat skills increased tremendously.

Years later, you joined the ranks of the Vestfold warriors, and rose in ranks to lead a contingent of fighters alongside Eirikslag’s men. You were there for each and every decisive battle that made Eirikslag the respected Jarl he is today. But as you grew older, your quickness diminished. Five years ago your right leg was nearly severed in a battle against the norsemen of Oppland while protecting the neighboring region of Geirstad. After a long recovery you were finally able to walk again, but not without a severe limp. You reported back to Eirkslag to take command of your men, but learned that he had awarded their leadership to another, younger warrior named Eystein Ragisson. Eirikslag ordered you to return to your lands (he did expand them as a reward for your service) until called upon. For two years you waited, but never were called upon.

Dreading the life of a farmer with no opportunity to enter Valhalla, you heard that Odin’s Call was recruiting warriors. You found comradery in the longhall filled with other fighting men. Under your tutelage, the fighters quickly became as trained a group of warriors as you’d ever led. Even the mighty Jotun learned a thing or two about the shield wall from you, and he and Gretta became your go to vanguards. While your loyalty will always be first to Vestfold should they ever require your service again, you find comfort in your role as a veteran leader of Odin’s Call. In your old age and bearing the scars of battle, you may not be as quick as you once were, but no one would challenge your leadership or sword skill and you are respected by most.

Konal the Grey - Companion

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