Fenmarel Mestarine - NPC


Fenmarel Mestarine is a drokklvar, a dark elf, who appears to have very expensive tastes, and seemingly the resources to accommodate. He is a merchant at heart, and beyond all else is interested in expanding his mining and other business endeavors. He stated that his trade operations span the realms, and while he primarily deals in all forms of vis, his broad connections enable him to source and trade in all sorts of magical items and other arcane, faerie or even other worldly goods.

When Sigurd and Narryn first met Fenmarel in the Ignem Mines, he seemed approachable enough, while a bit aloof, but particularly picked up when he thought there may be profitable partnership opportunities with the Ooinn Tre and Ice Fall. He proposed a 70/30 partnership to mine vis from the Oinn Tre and Ice Fall, and was very boisterous about the fact that the current vis production from those locations were meager compared to what he could produce under his management.

He agreed to an equal exchange of Ignem vis for Corpus vis, and told Sigurd and Narryn something of the purpose of Cassandra’s visit (her master had a proposition concerning partnering for the Ignem Mines of Masterine, and that Cassandra was under mind control which Fenmarel helped to break) in exchange for Corpus vis.

Fenmarel welcomed Sigurd back for future business propositions, including partnership to mine vis sources, vis exchanges and other magic bartering, etc. Sigurd said that he was interested in Vim spell books, and Fenmarel said he may have sources. Fenmarel would send his operations manager, Ghostol the dark gnome to Odin’s Call when he sourced the item(s) so they could negotiate a trade. Fenmarel also said that occasionally he needed assistance clearing unwanteds from vis sources that he was looking to mine, and Sigurd and Narryn showed interest.

The entrance to the Ignem Mines of Mestarine is located in an abandoned mine shaft outside of Glitterheim. Sigurd used Thickdome’s map to gain entrance by laying the map over an old rusty mine cart and burning a pawn of Terram vis. When the regio was revealed, the cart transformed into a shining golden red metal with tracks from the same material, and a roller coaster-style ride into the darkness took the party to a ledge that led to a bridge over the lava where they first encountered Fenmarel and Ghostol.

Fenmarel Mestarine - NPC

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