Cassandra Drywren - NPC




Cassandra Drywren is the identical twin sister of Dornell. She was brought to the covenant in the summer of 800 AD for sacrifice to the Ooinn Tree by Olaf Gudradsson. Olaf and his men captured her in an abandoned mine shaft outside of Gitterheim. Cassandra explained that she was fatigued to the point of exhaustion after existing a nearby regio, although she has no memory of what that regio was, only that her former master, Damhan-Allaidh sent her on a mission there.

Cassandra and Dornoll explained that Damhan had taken the twins as youth from their home and apprenticed them. But, accordingly to Dornoll, Damhan was evil and used his considerable Rego Mentem magic to control them, amongst others, to do his bidding. With Cassandra’s help, Dornoll was able to escape Damhan and she fled, eventually joining the Druids. She feared her sister would not have survived Damhan’s wrath once he discovered Cassandra was responsible for Dornoll’s escape.

Cassandra said that after years under the control of Damhan, she was finally able to escape after she entered the regio near the mine. She assumed the regio must have weakened his hold on her and she was able to break away from the spell. SIgurd and Narryn later learned that her escape from Damhan’s control in the regio may have been influenced, at least in part, by Fenmarel Mestarine, the dark elf merchant and operator of the Mines of Mestarine.

Cassandra said that Damhan had sent her on a mission to the Norselands to recruit others with the Gift. She said Damhan is raising an army to take on the Order of Hermes. "He knows they have their eyes on Odin’s Call. When the Order learned of the potential power that lie within the Ooinn Tre and the greater region, they started their plot to take over the covenant. Damhan’s spies tell him that most of the houses (lead by House Flambeau) already have their clain to vis sources in the area.

Dornoll begged Sigurd to allow Cassandra to stay at Odin’s Call to protect her from Damhan and Olaf. Sigurd suggested that they keep her locked in a cell in the caverns, but after Dornoll pledged to vow for Cassandra, Sigurd agreed to allow Cassandra to stay with Dornoll in her laboratory high in the canopy of the Ooinn Tre.

Cassandra Drywren - NPC

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