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Winter of 800, Letter from Sigurd regarding Icefall

To my fellow members of Odin's call,

I write this letter to inform you of my week long trek to Ice Fall.  We had many strange encounters and while at a heavy cost to the coven folk we were successful in our quest and brought many wonders back to the covenant along with ill tidings.

We opted for the path through the forest rather than up the river in the longboat due to the thick ice.  Upon the beginning of this journey we met what seemed to be a powerful faerie, a dwarf, who went by the name Thickdome. Thickdome and I got off on the wrong foot.  I can at times, as you all know, be a little stubborn but I soon made amends after some wise words from a fox.  This encounter with the fox only reinforces my perspective that animals have the right of it, but I digress. This Thickdome provided me a message that the Sleeper under Glittertind  stirs. The great Wyrm Hrimdraki IssWing once again seeks to rule Midgard and as he awakens from his hibernation his agents seek to push his interests.  

This strange fellow Thickdome also provided me a ring.  Being wary of Faerie magic, I did not dare investigate the ring's attributes in the field.  I have placed the ring in the library with the covenants other magical artifacts.  It will still need some investigation but within our Aegis of the Hearth should provide ample protection against any faerie suprises.  Upon leaving he provided me a map with a number of markings that could only be dwarven runes, one being Icefall.  I am almost sure these other locations are a rich source of Vis based on what we found at Icefall.

Upon reaching Icefall, Thickdome's warning rang true.  We were met with what only could be agents of Wyrm Hrimdraki in a group of four cliff giants under the control of the missing heir of Gundrod the hunter of house Yngling.  He seemed to be under some kind of mind control from a cloaked woman atop the falls Icefall.

The battle with the giants was fierce and bloody, their very hides seemed near impenetrable.   Under Konal's leadership and Jotun's heavy hammer we ultimately were victorious but at a heavy cost. We lost some good swords in this battle and it may take some toll on the coven folk to see so many fall in such a short time.  I am particularly worried on Narryn who lost his brother Braeble.  I walk among the coven folk more often than the two of you to conduct my sacred duties and Narryn and Braeble had a strong bond.  

Upon defeating the giants, we apprehended Olaf.  Olaf almost certainly has the Gift and has some affinity with lightning.  The strange woman who's name must have been stricken from his memory, promised to teach him in magic.  She instead took control of his mind and had him train the cliff giants.  My plan was to return Olaf to the covenant but upon investigating a rune stone behind the falls.  Gudrod the Hunter arrived with 50 men.  I freed Olafand Gudrod was pleased with the release of his son and offered us a favor in return.  Olaf was also pleased that we bid him no harm and I told him that if he wanted to further his talens to come to Odin's Call.

While we all have only recently received our Sigils as full members of the Order of Hermes we may want to consider Olaf for apprenticeship or at the very least keep him at the covenant so these hedge wizards don't get  hold of him again.  Not only does he have magical talents he is also a figure of great political importance.  He could prove useful if under our protection and influence.

This finally brings me to the original focus of our trek to icefall.  Indeed the vis was being stolen by what I can only suspect is the Wyrm Hrimdraki agents.  Behind the waterfall at Icefall in the dank cavern was a runes stone.  Under the rune stone was a spell of some sort.  It seemed to be gathering the Vis and transporting it somehow.  Once we removed the stones the enchantment seemed to end.  I copied the markings from the spell circle and have returned with the actual runestone itself.  With investigation, we may be able to decipher the spell and use it to our own benefit.  These other vis sources are a much further journey and I am sure their are other mystics who would use these sources.  

I have buried the runestone just outside the covenant at a  location I will reveal to you  upon our spring meeting. I feared bringing such a stone into the covenant without a much stronger Aegis of the Hearth protecting us. The markings themselves I have put in the library.

This brings me to my last point.  Given the dangers we have encountered I think it is critical that we all learn the spells Wizard's Communion. I believe Victor has this spell and could add it to our library.  By doing so, it will allow us to recast the Aegis of the Hearth ritual which I can lead us to provide a much stronger magical protection of the covenant.

I have also returned with a significant amount of Corpus Vis and Terram vis from the bones of the cliff giants.  I have put them in our stores.



Awesome recap – love that it’s in the form of a letter from Sigurd.

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