Odin's Call - Ars Magica

The rise of Hrimdraki Winter 801

After loosing the heart of the Oin tre, Cassandra Drywren – NPC was able to open the portals so we could chase Severian and Grog-Lyper.

We entered a large Ice Caver that ended up being within the mountain Glitterheim. We were then compelled by Quasitor Damian Stralla – NPC who is clearly working against the Order, to summon Hrimdraki the dragon.

They released us from our compulsion seeking for us to join their cause. Within that time I used the rings to summon the Dwarven spirits to fight by our side. With Thymes blizzard in toe we were able to fight them off but before landing any death blows they all escaped.

The heart of the Oin Tre is within Hrimdraki, and seems to be underQuasitor Damian Stralla – NPC control.

We must slay Hrimdraki to return the heart, or sacrifice another powerfull being to the Gods to restore the trees heart.

Upon our return, the covenant voted clearly in the wrong direction, to let Casandra leave. She is either still under the control of Quasitor Damian Stralla – NPC or is working of her own accord against us. I proposed that we give her back to Olaf Gudrodsson who had originally captured her as is his right and release her from the covenants protection.

Evidence of her betrayal is clear:

1. She went missing for over a month on suspicians that forces were working against us but said nothing. Any one trying to help would have told us of their suspicions so we could move against them.
2. She was able to manipulate the portals under the covenant even though just like us she said she had just encountered them.
3. She attacked us upon our escape. Even though all our enemies had fled the field.

Unfortunately Thym who voted against Victor and myself believing that Cassandra Drywren – NPC was under some type of compulsion. He along with Dornal who had the tie breaking vote allowed her to flee the covenant and seek refuge with Dornoll’s Paren Cassak The Unseen.


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