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The Homoculous

The Origin of Phengle Kai

From the last pages of Pagarius of House Bonisaugus Covenant of Durenmar, Spring 800. Dropped from his hands as the region closed and trapped him for 1-year.

Entry 1: Research Summary

I came a cross a scroll containing the most curious story. It was about an ancient Roman named Furious Kai. A strange name, but as the tale is told he is not human but rather a Homunculus, a creature born of magic as sprouting from a child that never grows old.

The tale is told that the Cult of Mercury chased the Roman creature this Homunculus from Rome. I found more information here in Durenmar, the first covenant and home to the Bonisagus Library, literally the collective knowledge of the order. I found a tale that seems to be related. An ancient people that lived on coastal waters before a great flood. They came across this creature he had changed his name to Fengel Kai Damahen. As the story goes, this child came to rule these people but they rose against him and killed him, but buried his body under a mound of rocks 10 men tall and 10 men long.

I have searched and searched and I believe the burial mound is hidden in a Regio, a dimensional pocket of time and space, The entrance to the Regio is only open for 1 day a year. I’ll need a ship but I believe I can find it. Finding the remains may provide significant knowledge but it is said the day this Regio opens the dead walk.

Entry 2: Letter to Victor

I have sent my letter to Victor after meeting his parens outlining my research and his interest into the matter. I have no time to wait for a reply, I will head to the little island outside the Rhine and see if he heeds my call. He is in the North lands and should be able to provide a ship according to his parens.

Entry 3: Rendezvous

I have met victor. He seems most intriguing as a seeker of knowledge. With both my and Victors blatant gift it was too much for the fishing villagers to handle and a mob started to form. I am thankful for the quick thinking of the ships captain, Karin, for whisking us away so quickly.

Entry 4: Dangerous Seas

The Journey was troubling we ran across another group of Vikings. At the same time a water spout formed. With proper time and without Viking running full speed at us those water spouts could be converted to Vis. With a little research to confirm, I am certain that they are water and air elementals in pitched battle with one another.

Entry 5: The Regio

We reached the region with a little more trouble. Indeed the dead do walk, they seem to be spewing from the regio.

Entry 6: Into a time past

Once in the Regio, Karin noticed that what is usually a large bay was but a river. Fog obscured a fishing village. The people were but spirits of a time passed. We at first had trouble speaking with them. Until we used some of Victors magic to speak through the black gate. Eventually we learned that they were worried of a storm. Another group were building what looked to be a throne room and interacting with someone that was beyond our site that was sitting on a throne. The children seemed to be under this invisible person’s control. At one point during altercation at the throne room, the children killed a man. We were still having trouble locating the mound where the homunculus was supposed to be buried.

The spirits seemed to be replaying past events their spirits eternally trapped in a loop of events. The adults attacked the invisible person on the throne and also turned against their children. They drug all the children from the village and murdered them violently with rocks. All the children were killed and seemingly the invisible person as well. The rocks used in the mass killing fo the children formed the mound of the burial.

Entry 7: The homunculus

We had found our entry into the third regio. I would say just in the nick of time, the waters from the great see pushed the river and it sounded as if the land itself was breaking in the storm.

Pushing through the region we found ourselves back at the village in the throne room. There was the boy, or what was left of his body. We defeated him by using Wizards Communion on a fire spell. We had exhausted most of our time and needed to get out of the Regio before it closed for the year. We collected the hommuculus and made it back to the boat. One curious thing that the hommuculus said before we destroyed it.

“I am just the body of Dahmen my mind and soul are eternal.”

Entry 8: The trip home:

There is no entry for this sections


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