Odin's Call - Ars Magica

Mystery of Pascal - Spring 806

Here is a recap of the session and explanation of the clues you have found and some leads on where to go next.

On you way to find the witch you ran across a giant wolf the size of a horse crazed and angry. Smartly you did not attack them. You noticed that the wolf was carrying a wolf skull in his mouth. You let them pass…

You searched out a clearing in the forest where the wolves had come and found a dirt mound that was disturbed with the dirt being pushed up as if something was opened or dug out . There was not much left except a few small wolf bones and some magical hairs that gave you 2 Animal Vis.

You made your way to the village of Pascal and there you saw a young boy who had been beaten by his father. While it is within the fathers rights to beat his wife and children, Christie the barmaid let you know that this was unusual behavior by the boys father.

That night you were woken and summoned by a fairly powerful mentem spell and then awoke to find the entire village gathered around a giant wolf speaking directly to your minds. The wolf stated that the village broke a pact and that they must provide him a human child as atonement or the pact would be broken and he would destroy the town. The villagers have no idea what Pact he was talking about. The church is probably the only source in town that may have historical records of the town.

You quickly found out the witch you think you were looking for was on the outskirts of town. Thinking she may be of help you discovered her to be a maker of charms. She has all kinds of protection charms agains Terram around her house.

You seemed to startle the old woman visiting at night and maybe scared her a little…she spoke mostly nonsense.

“The Forest has always been a strange and wonderful place, as well you may know.
Much, much more exists within its borders than simple trees and grass. The Forest has a spirit, a soul that reaches out to some, drawing them near and it drives others away with its
frightening strangeness. Sometimes it watches, or even talks to me when I wander its hidden ways; sharing secrets with a feeble old mind. It can be angry or sad, or even playful in its slowly shifting moods.”

If you can win her over you may be able to learn why she has protection charms around her house.

Thinking the Widow is a weak ally you turned your sites on Hrulgar the giant wolf. You convinced him that these villagers couldn’t possibly have killed such a powerful being and agreed to help him find the real culprit.

You went back to the Old Oak Inn. There you discovered that around the village in the past few seasons that these clay men had started turning up and that they helped make the crops grow or give fertility to cows. They were seen as a good luck charm of sorts. You also discovered that people would often fight over them.

You also learned that Robert the Forester had discovered bone mounds. You had Father Alberard take you to see one of the recent bone mounds. It resembled the one you found in the forest just after the first wolf sighting. Here though you saw the full animal bones of a small fox. While the bones were not that old, the entire meat and flesh and fur of the animal had been completely removed, but you saw no knife marks on the bones. So either it was the most skilled skinner you had ever seen or there was some unnatural work at play to remove the flesh.

If you want to see other bone mounds or learn more about the Forest you cold seek out Robert.

The party went to sleep but Karyn stayed up and she kept noticing movement from her peripheral vision but she couldn’t quite place her finger on it. The she saw a man skittering through town..che gave chase and almost lost him. The she noticed what house he went into and we stopped there.

Possible leads:

  • Revisit the Widow to see why she has so many charms about the house
  • Go to the church and look at old records if you want to learn about the Pact
  • Visit the home of the man running through the night
  • Have Robert take you into the forest
  • Investigate the change of behavior of the man who beats his children


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