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A Strange Letter

Post Into a Dark Place

At the beginning of the fall season, the covenant receives a letter carried by an unusually large blue raven with green eyes. It’s contents are as follows:

Sigurd Odinsson
c/o Covenant of Odin’s Call, Order of Hermes

Dear Valued Client,

We are pleased to announce that the coming season brings a wealth of opportunities to the valued customers of Mestarine Enterprises!

  • IGNEM VIS BLOWOUT! Due to a surplus of Ignem vis, we are offering an astounding TWO FOR ONE offer on ignem pawns*
    *Orders of 10 pawns or more to qualify for discount, limit 20 pawns per customers. All reasonable forms of barter accepted. While supplies last, see Ghostol for details
  • POTION OF BLACK WHISPER carefully brewed by an anonymous master alchemist, this amazing potion is the perfect gift to blend into the stew of a particularly bothersome Quasitor. Guaranteed to last a full moon or your money back! Order Today! This won’t last!
  • FIREBRAND WEAPONS forged locally in The Terignem Mines of Mestarine by dark gnome artisans, these fine weapons are enchanted with Blade of the Virulent Flame (level 15 creo ignem, page 140) guaranteed to double the damage of the weapon! A limited supply of longswords and spears are in stock NOW! (Custom orders are also accepted)

And finally, but most importantly, I’ve taken the liberty to “survey” IceFall’s production capacity. I’m pleased to report that I believe we can increase vis production by more than 10x from the source, should Mestarine Vis Harvesting (a division of Mestarine Enterprises) be awarded the contact. And, just to sweeten the deal, if I’m also awarded the Oinn Tre management contract as well as IceFall, I will offer you an additional 10% share from my previous offer: 60/40 (Mestarine/Odin’s Call) share for both facilities! This special offer expires at the end of the season.

Fill out the order form on the back of this parchment and give it to the raven to secure your intent to purchase.

Best regards,

Fenmarel Mestarine


walkersettle TomM

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